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Nebraska Pin Shooters


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Frequently Asked Questions

What caliber works the best when shooting pins?
A: Believe it or not those little pins take quite a bit of energy to blow them off the table. When shooting a revolver, a .357 magnum with hot loads is the minimum caliber it will take to achieve success. A .38 Special, for example, will only knock the pins over on top of the table.
When shooting Centerfire Semi-auto pistols, a 9mm with hot loads is usually the bare minimum to take the pins off, however a .40 S&W or .45ACP usually do a much better job.
What type of ammo works best?
A: I have found that using jacketed hollow point bullets works the best for me. I have also had better success when using heavier bullets. (for example: 9mm- a 147 gr JHP seems to do better than a 115 gr JHP)
Do I have to be a member of one of these shooting clubs to participate?
A: No, these events are both open to the public.
What type of Holster do I need for bowling pin shoots?
A: No holster is needed, you start the match with the muzzle of your firearm on a table/barrel. At Weeping Water gun club you are not allowed to even carry a firearm in a holster.